Past Life Recall for a Better Life

Do you wonder if you have lived before? Have you ever felt you’ve always known someone you just met? Are you attracted to a particular culture, place, country, or time in history without knowing why?

Explore how gaining an understanding of karma and reincarnation can help you:

  • handle challenges in a better way,
  • develop the quality of divine love, and
  • become a more godlike being!

You’ll learn how to break free from the wheel of reincarnation and step into a more spiritually rewarding life today.Come to share your thoughts, experiences, and questions in this open discussion, which is the first of three that dig deeper into the topic each time. Join us for one or all lively discussions about karma and reincarnation based on the book ECK Wisdom on Karma and Reincarnation by Harold Klemp.

Palm Beach County ECKANKAR Center

1695 Florida Mango Rd. #4, West Palm Beach 33406

Info 561-434-2003



Jun 02 2024


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In Person


Palm Beach County